FHA serious delinquency rate inches up while originations decline

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Declining Mortgage Delinquency Rates, Improved Performance in. – Early-Stage Delinquencies at 10-Year Low. CoreLogic’s Loan Performance Insights Report for the month of January 2017 showed that 5.3% of U.S. homeowners were late by 30 days or more in their mortgage payments. This is a decline from the overall rate of mortgage delinquency back in January 2016 of 6.4%.

"Seriously Delinquent" Loans Decline | Eye On Housing – "Seriously Delinquent" Loans Decline By Litic Murali on May 15, 2019 (). The quarterly National Delinquency Survey from the Mortgage Bankers Association shows a decline in the serious delinquency rate across all the categories of loans, continuing the downward trend that has persisted since the middle of the Great Recession.

Steady Decline in Serious Delinquencies Amrank Real Estate – TransUnion’s 2019 consumer credit report forecasts an increase in originations and consumer balances for most credit products, while serious delinquency rates are likely to decline or remain steady. This will lead to lenders expanding their base of subprime and near-prime borrowers-a positive sign for both lenders and borrowers.

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PDF HOUSING FINANCE AT A GLANCE – Urban Institute – The share of portfolio originations was 21 percent, down sharply from 31 percent in 2016. The GSE share went up to 53 percent, from 46 percent for 2016. The FHA/VA share was slightly up: 25 percent in Q1 2017 versus 23 percent in 2016. Origination of private- label securities was well under 1 percent in both periods.

Delinquency Rate on single-family residential mortgages. – Categories > Money, Banking, & Finance > Banking > Delinquencies and Delinquency Rates Delinquency Rate on Single-Family Residential Mortgages, Booked in Domestic Offices, All Commercial Banks (DRSFRMACBS)

Grasping At Straws: Today's links – 3–FHA serious delinquency rate inches up while originations decline, Housingwire Excerpt: The serious delinquency rate for Federal Housing Administration mortgages reached 9.6% in December, the highest level in more than two years, the Department of Housing and Urban Development said. More than 711,000 FHA-insured loans were seriously delinquent, up 18.9% from one year earlier, according to the HUD report.

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Edward Pinto – housingwire.com – The serious delinquency rate for Federal Housing Administration mortgages reached 9.6% in December, the highest level in more than two years, the Department of Housing and.

Delinquencies Decline But Remain High Relative to 2000s – Additionally, serious delinquency rates of GSE loans. delinquencies for FHA and GSE single-family loans continue to decline. More specifically, it is noted that GSE delinquencies remain higher.

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In-Depth Look - Credit Card Delinquencies Up 11% - Bloomberg Foreclosure Shift Increasingly Evident – While. decline in the number of loans that are 90 days or more delinquent or in foreclosure, the percent of homeowners struggling to keep up is still well above the pre-recession average of 1.5.

FHA mortgage insurance premiums won’t be going down in 2015 The move was also noteworthy because FHA loans have mortgage insurance premiums that are paid through. s FHA loan volume in the first half of 2016, down from about 29% in the first half of 2015. In.